Your Year Ahead 2016!

Your Year Ahead 2016!


Unique Prediction of Your Year 2015, through the medium of Numerology and Clairvoyance
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Numerology key words describing a number 1:
Positive traits – Individuality, Leadership, Pioneer Spirit, Creative, Pioneering.
Negative traits – Dominating, Self Centred, Arrogant

2016 for those vibrating as a 1 energy is a great year for innovation, creativity and pioneering activity. It will be very much your year if you take on the opportunities and potential newly opening doors. Don’t allow that little vulnerable voice of self doubt block the way forward. It is important to keep your mind open and to take calculated risks where necessary. You are likely to find that old phases draw to a close in order to make way for the new. Try not to be thrown by this as it is a natures way of creating a space for the new.

Your year is possibly going to start with a mix of negotiation and yet knowing where to stand back and stay quiet. It is important to work out what is illusion and what is real in the situation under review/discussion be it work or personal. If you keep your mind clear and your more negative emotions in check then you should create a structure on which to build a particularly brilliant year.

Emotionally/romantically speaking you are likely to find yourself very much leading the way in relationships. Although this may suit your 1 personality try to let the person you are focusing on to have their say – even when your mind is shouting the word “idiot” at them!! This may be an obvious observation, but  this is such a powerful year for you that you may need to draw back from the impulse of dictatorship!

2016 is certainly unlikely to be either dull or boring, but it is up to you as to whether it fulfils its enormous potential.


Numerology key words describing a number 2:
Positive traits – Partnership, Power behind the Throne, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Gentle.
Negative traits – Moody, Over Emotional

The mix of your 2 vibration with the energy of 2016 brings you to a rare cross roads. It is rare because either choice is fine. It is simply  that one is more challenging in that it has all the magnificent potential illumination and insight that one could imagine. But with that comes the necessity to stand out from the team or crowd to make yourself heard. The other option is to take part in whatever is manifesting in front of you but to allow someone else to shine. The rewards are less but obviously so is the stress of being in the limelight which isn’t necessarily your thing.

Right at the beginning of the year you may find yourself going through a phase of feeling slightly trapped and this won’t fit with what I have just been telling you. However, as January draws to a close you could find yourself suddenly looking into what may seem like an impossible dream. It is only impossible if you lose your nerve and back off. This manifestation may appear in the form of a new job or business opportunity but equally could appear as a physical move or even a relationship. Basically the thing you dream of, secretly or otherwise, is going to turn up in some form or other.

Allow yourself to shine, trust your intuition, believe in yourself and 2016 could well be remarkable!

Numerology key words describing a number 3:
Positive traits – Communication, Joy of life, Expression, Socially Skilful, Artistic.
Negative traits – Can hide rather than express feelings, Emotional Withdrawal.

For 3s the year of 2016 has the potential to completely suit their personality and expression of joy because this should be a most joyous year! It is full of all the lovely things from friendship to creative self expression that your soul craves. As ever you may need to overcome your tendency to be a little too light hearted and frivolous at times in order to allow the rewards to be more fulfilling. Focus may be boring at times, but it is worth the effort in order to manifest the best result. Use your wonderful ability of communication to its best effect. Don’t allow that frivolous side to conflict with your amazing ability to get things done (however last minute).

Towards the middle of the year you may find yourself facing a life changing decision which could bring a lot of change one way or another. However, as this is potentially such an upbeat year for you I suspect that you will not sit on the crossroads for long. If you do you could find that the moment passes which upon reflection will frustrate you. However, if you simply aren’t ready then let it go and trust that the current path is fine for now.

3s tend to allow life and “stuff” to crowd out their superb intuition and awareness. Try not to be so absorbed in what is going on around you that you don’t step back occasionally and observe the deeper meaning behind it. Use your gift of communication to help others be aware of the higher beauty which surrounds them. Be constructive.

For those 3s who focus and work to the wonderful positive of their vibration this is going to be a special year.


Numerology key words describing a number 4:
Positive traits – Hard working, Successful Despite Limitations, Orderly, Efficient, Calm.
Negative traits – Stubborn, Self Restricting.

2016 is likely to be a very industrious year for those who vibrate as a 4. Don’t allow restrictions put upon you either by others or your own stubborn nature to limit your potential. As a 4 you tend to be trustworthy, calm and efficient – qualities which can cause others to lean or put upon you quite heavily. You have to decide whether all your hard work is going to benefit you or everyone rather than you. This year in particular your energy should be focused on creating a structure that suits you first and others second. Not in a selfish way, simply in a way that fulfils you. You of all people tend to pursue a goal all the way through to the end. This year that goal is very much about personal happiness and reward. You may find this conflicting with your nature initially, but recognise that happiness affects everyone around you in a lovely way.

There is so much new coming your way in 2016. Love, work, creativity which may take the form of new ideas, all conspire to bring you a busy and innovative 2016. Something you have been struggling to achieve suddenly becomes easy. The only area which may not flow without specific and particular attention is finance. There is no disaster, just a need to be really disciplined and honest with yourself about expenditure. New plans often cost financially, so do your sums. You may struggle between a need to spend and your natural tendency to conserve and pull back. Quite a conflict. But once worked out it shouldn’t be a problem.

Doors opening also bring new experiences and therefore a whole tranche of new skills to the fore. You are good at that. Well you are once you get past wanting to be the best before you have even learned stage one! You will possibly look back on 2016 as life changing and if not that then at least life affirming.



Numerology key words describing a number 5:
Positive traits – Freedom, Purposeful, Clever, Resourceful, Resilient, Adventurous.
Negative traits – Can be afraid to use freedom, Frustrated by Limitations.

There are two ways that those vibrating as a 5 could experience 2016. Either your adventurous and “out there” spirit will totally embrace what the year has to offer – in which case it could go way beyond even your expectations – or, you could become afraid of what you see in front of you and retreat to a safe place. Much depends on whether you tend to live in the positive or the negative. If you live in the positive and therefore at the more extreme end of risk taking do remember to give others time to catch up both mentally and emotionally! And obviously slow down just enough to ensure that those risks hold enough sensible calculations within them to enable success.

Personal relationships, particularly partnerships, should find a happy balance this year. Having said that, your tendency to run at full steam could cause some conflict. Try and make sure that your vision for the future and life as you see it also matches that of the one you love. Don’t assume.

You are probably good at both making and spending money. This may be an obvious point, but do try not to spend it before you have it. Particularly towards the summer when expenditure could become worrying if you don’t have a clear plan.

2016 looks like a high flyer, just ensure that you have plotted the route, mapped out rest periods, listened to those whom you care about and you won’t land on the finishing line alone. With love and awareness tempering your mad enthusiastic dash for success you will cross that line to the sound of a hearty cheer.


Numerology key words describing a number 6:
Positive traits – Harmonious, Loyal, Reliable, Love, Family  Orientated, Honest.
Negative traits – Over responsible, People Pleaser

2016 could potentially be an incredibly harmonious and happy year for the 6s. Your only conflict in overall energy is that you could try to overdo it in terms of what you have to offer and what you think others need from you. Although material needs are probably not your top priority there will almost certainly be opportunity to increase your financial abundance. Whilst this is rewarding in itself do try to ensure at that you have shared out the responsibilities of the work that brings this success.

Having told you about the harmony and success of 2016, it is probably important to point out that initially it doesn’t quite feel that way! January feels a little sticky and frustrating in terms of both plans and relationships. However things become increasingly better from February and by the spring you are likely to be flying.

Be prepared to stand up for your dreams and plans that unfold as the year goes on because they are probably worth standing your ground for. Don’t give them up in order to make others happy. If you aren’t happy it won’t help anyway. Stay centred and 2016 will end with you feeling spiritually enriched as well as emotionally and financially.



Numerology key words describing a number 7:
Positive traits – Psychic, Mystic, Different, Analytical, Intellectual, Intuitive.
Negative traits – Distant, Sarcastic, Moody, Rambling in Speech

2016 could be quite an inward looking year for 7s. It is a time of contemplation and making space for new phases, people and opportunity. If you focus on within the physical “without” will take care of itself. This does not mean that there is very little actually happening, far from it. But you won’t need to go and find whatever it is you are looking for as it is likely to find you.

Take the risk to let go of your comfort zone. Our comfort zone is only something we know, not necessarily something that makes us happy. If you listen to your inner self you are likely to take the option to let go and try something (or someone) different. In order to find that pot of gold that awaits at the end of the rainbow you are possibly going to have something of an exercise in trusting the Universe. But the results, if you choose to do this, could be spectacular. If love is missing you will find it, if community is missing it will manifest, if finances are a worry then they will cease to be – but the journey will be different and will possibly make you question yourself.

By the end of 2016 you could be sitting with peace love and joy in your heart, so go for it – but remember, the answer lies within.



Numerology key words describing a number 8:
Positive traits – Material Success, Business Minded, Tenacious, Tough, Driven
Negative traits – Too focused on Power and Wealth, Patronising, Undemonstrative

2016 is all about finding a balance between charity and natural self interest within your financial area of life. Too little compassionate charity and you could find yourself feeling low without knowing why. If you hold this knowledge in the back of your mind then this could be a year of dizzying success. If you don’t pay attention to the more compassionate side of things you could end up in a bit of a hostile world of your own creation. Why not enjoy the success spiritually as well as physically?  With the world feeling as if it is in chaos you may tend to try to hold things close as a survival reaction. Far better to find your security in the people rather than the things around you.

Bearing all this in mind you are potentially about to have one of your most successful years. Your confidence and determination will take you through doors that others may not even spot. Your only frustrating and tricky moments could be a few legal issues, but your calm insight will keep even those on an even track. It is a year of calculated risk and possibly quite a lot of change will come with this. You are unlikely to regret those actions as these changes are probably the result of a longer process that has been going on behind the scenes. If you keep those you love or care about in touch with this journey it will bring benefit to everyone.

So, if you don’t let the enormous “high” of success knock you off track you will end 2016 happy and accomplished.



Numerology key words describing a number 9:
Positive traits – Humanitarian, Generous, Alternative Ideas, Spiritual, Courageous
Negative traits – Over selfless, Dissatisfied if Material Goals Replace Spiritual

As a 9 within a 9 year you must be careful not to give into the tendency to hand over everything you have to all and sundry. The world may be in a chaotic state, but it is not your sole responsibility to put it right. However, with delegation and teamwork you could instigate a lot of caring and loving interaction which helps hold the world energy in a higher and therefore happier place. You cannot really do this if you don’t pay a bit of attention to yourself. People are led by example more often than words, so actions to help others will influence them but will hold more validity if you are equally respectful of your own needs. Try not to drive yourself mad with constant planning and re-planning within your mind!

Emotionally and spiritually 2016 holds all the wonderful potential of both the happiness and fulfilment that your compassionate heart desires. To enjoy it you must allow others to give to you as well as receive from you. You may struggle a little with the material world, particularly finances, not because it is actually a problem but actually because it never feels right to make it a priority for too long. It is okay to bring material success into your life so long as it isn’t the be all and end all.

Several key figures will step in to bring a new phase of life into your path. Go with the flow as opposed to trying to work everything out in advance. Sometimes we just have to trust the journey. It may be at you can’t quite see where this particular journey will lead so you will have to jump with finger’s crossed. If you do so you should ensure both financial and spiritual balance, your ideal outcome.

For you 2016 is about trust, self respect and learning when not to give as much as when to do so. Oh and there is that little matter of stepping through that unknown door….



Numerology is as ancient a science as astrology. It is worked out by ones date of birth. The numbers are from 1 to 9 plus two master numbers of 11 and 22. These numbers literally represent ones soul path and personality type.

This is how to work out your number. Take a date of birth – 13.09.1958. Add the numbers together like this 1+3+9+1+9+5+8 = 36, then add 3+6= 9. This means that the person’s number is 9.

If a number comes to either 11 or 22 then they are not added ‘down’ but left as a master number. However for the purpose of prediction 11 will come under 2 and 22 will come under 4.

Each number has a representational sign. Have fun!




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