2016 – An Overview for Mankind!

2016 – An Overview for Mankind!

In 2016 Mankind faces a crossroads that could define how (or if) we go on in perpetuity.
It is the year in which our literal humanity will come to the fore.
We will have the opportunity to come together to enable the Age of Enlightenment.
There will be many occasions which require courage and spiritual trust. The attacks of terrorism, migration, global warming will intensify world wide. This may seem hopeless and out of our control, but every situation is affected by the reactions of both those involved and the observers. We do not have to choose violence nor to shut our eyes to the deeper reason behind much of what is going on. There is a power struggle between the Superpowers which is using the energy of fear and division in order to control the human race.
If we do not feed the fear, anger and war mongering then it can not escalate. There is no point in a terrorist attack which is not reported nor given the full attention that was intended in the first place. It negates the point.2016 is the year of the humanitarian, 9, if it is dealt with in all its positive potential it could be the turning point to what presently feels rather like Armageddon. 9 has the energetic vibration of being able to see the wider issue and work or channel towards helping those in need. It should be a time of great achievement.

However, the opposite side of 9, when in the negative, is small minded prejudiced intolerance. If the negative wins we will take a turn which will cause such heart ache and chaos that it will be hard to find a solution. We must remember that it suits the few to subjugate and conquer the many.  With modern technology we have begun to connect with those of every race and culture. We see the face of them therefore as very human.  The only way this can be broken is by whipping us all into a frenzy of terror and powerlessness. In that state we allow our governments to do anything they like in order to “protect” us.Do not feel powerless!

Every person who holds their courage and humanity will add to the wall of light that will hold back the tide of destructive reactive fear and terror. People who are calm and happy handle things well and make better decisions.  The people of the world are far more powerful than their few power hungry leaders – but only if they refuse to be divided and hold that wall together.So in the end 2016 could be the most wonderful moment in remembered or written history, or not.

It is up to us.
It is up to YOU!


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