Your Month Ahead – March 2016!

Your Month Ahead – March 2016!

Unique Prediction of Your Month to Come through the medium of Numerology and Clairvoyance!

How to calculate your birth number is found at the bottom of this webpage.


March for Number 1’s ( Phoenix): The chilly winds of winter may blow into your life as a last blast before the sun returns! The energy around You as March begins will tend to play to your negative character traits, if you let them. You could feel emotionally deprived or like You are always the victim. In the most extreme, You may feel unworthy of love. Of course this is not the case. It is just your interpretation of how things feel around You during this phase. In the positive, if You do feel a lack in any area of your life during March, the energy entirely supports You getting out there to find the missing link.As the month develops, You can just flounder. On the other hand, You can choose to remember that You have choices. Do not wait to be rescued.

Numerology key words describing a number 1:

Positive traits – Individuality, Leadership, Pioneer Spirit, Creative, Pioneering.

Negative traits – Dominating, Self Centred, Arrogant



 March for Number 2’s (Elf): In The Northern Hemisphere, March is the time for Spring to return and this is often associated with love. It is the energy of love that dominates the start of this new month for You, which ever hemisphere You may be in. It could indicate a new romance or a strengthening of an old one. Whatever the case, emotions are there for a reason and now could well be the time to take advantage of this raw energy and express what You are feeling! As the month progresses, this raw energy is replaced by the somewhat more mundane, but if You have taken advantage of the passion in the early part of the month, mundane may well be a good thing!

Numerology key words describing a number 2:

Positive traits – Partnership, Power behind the Throne, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Gentle.

Negative traits – Moody, Over Emotional



March for Number 3’s (Magician): The energy around You for March is very powerful and split into 2 complete opposite halves. In the first half of the month, this energy will tend to play towards your negative traits, tempting You to be bound by your fears and to focus purely on the material world. If You let this energy take control, it will feel like a self imposed bondage. You will tend to have addictive behavioral patterns. The way out is to be aware of this and have positive reactions to situations rather than negative! Then it is like the wind has changed direction. The positive energy flows around You and creates an atmosphere in your circle of influence of fairness and equality. The spring will return to your step in every way possible.
Numerology key words describing a number 3:

Positive traits – Communication, Joy of life, Expression, Socially Skillful, Artistic.

Negative traits – Can hide rather than express feelings, Emotional Withdrawal.



March for Number 4’s (Griffin): The energy around You for the complete period of this month is very positive! In the first half of the month it strongly supports You to seize the moment, go with your gut reactions and make the most of any opportunity that comes your way. Have courage, go out and do all those things that You have wanted to do for ages. Your intuition will be correct in the judgments You make. This having been done, the remainder of the month should be just magical. You will feel that You are very much living the good life, surrounded by friends, family and security.

Numerology key words describing a number 4:

Positive traits – Hard working, Successful Despite Limitations, Orderly, Efficient, Calm.

Negative traits – Stubborn, Self Restricting.


March for Number 5’s (Star): The energy surrounding You in March is very much focused on You as an individual and supporting You as an individual within a team. With careful planning and the full cooperation of those You rely on, both in your private and professional life, You will be able to take advantage and move forward in any direction You wish. The devil will be in the detail, but do not get obsessed by it! As the month moves on, your efforts should be well rewarded. However, the energy around You becomes more challenging. It will be easy to self proclaim victory, but this will seem very hollow, unless You have considered the needs of those around You. Proceed with caution!

Numerology key words describing a number 5:

Positive traits – Freedom, Purposeful, Clever, Resourceful, Resilient, Adventurous.

Negative traits – Can be afraid to use freedom, Frustrated by Limitations.



March for Number 6’s (Unicorn): The magnificent thing about energetic trends in your life is that You can make the most of what You are given or not, depending on your own will. March is a classic case of this for You. It begins with a real boost of friendly abundance all around You and it should be a case of party, party, party, if that is what You feel like doing! You are being given the right atmosphere so to do, so why not enjoy it? This energy then changes as the month progresses and it may seem almost like someone switching off the lights at the end of a party. You may well be partied out and just feel like withdrawing into your shell for a bit, moving from party to person to hermit in one swift moment. A rest from all that early activity may well be a very good thing!

Numerology key words describing a number 6:

Positive traits – Harmonious, Loyal, Reliable, Love, Family Orientated, Honest.

Negative traits – Over responsible, People Pleaser



March for Number 7’s (Angel): It may seem a strange thing but the energy around 7’s for the complete period of March all connect to wheels, movement and motion! To begin with, life may feel as though You are spinning a wheel of fortune. You can take advantage of this and grab the opportunities as they come round, in all areas of your life. There is a certain amount of destiny involved here, but one You can control, to open doors that may have been difficult to access before. Once doors have opened, the month will allow You to travel through and make certain progress. However, You will have to be in the driving seat as, only You can crack the whip.

Numerology key words describing a number 7:

Positive traits – Psychic, Mystic, Different, Analytical, Intellectual, Intuitive.

Negative traits – Distant, Sarcastic, Moody, Rambling in Speech



 March for Number 8’s (Dragon): 8’s are the classic materialistic appreciators and into this new month will flow a giant amount of energy for this trait to flow abundantly towards You! The focus will be on beauty, art and property and will have a strong feminine accent to it. You should feel in harmony with nature at all levels and be able to create abundance through this. This energy should have brought success by the time the month matures, allowing You to be secure, controlled and balanced in all areas of your life. This in turn gives You an emotionally stable platform from which to help and advise those who may need some of your wisdom.

Numerology key words describing a number 8:

Positive traits – Material Success, Business Minded, Tenacious, Tough, Driven

Negative traits – Too focused on Power and Wealth, Patronising, Undemonstrative




March for Number 9’s (Rainbow): As probably the most emotionally sensitive of all the numbers, number 9’s can pick up on energy very efficiently, be it good or bad. As March begins, You will have a strong sense of lack in your life, as if something is missing, but you may not be able to put your finger on what that thing is! The way to conquer this energy around You is to go out and explore. The energy around You later in the month allows You to exactly do that thing. You will be given extra strength to take control, sit in the driving seat of your life and go on those mental and physical journeys. Success and peace of mind will be your rewards.

Numerology key words describing a number 9:

Positive traits – Humanitarian, Generous, Alternative Ideas, Spiritual, Courageous

Negative traits – Over selfless, Dissatisfied if Material Goals Replace Spiritual


Your Year/Month Ahead – How to Calculate Your Birth Number!:

Numerology is as ancient a science as astrology is.

The numbers used within Numerology are from 1 to 9 plus two master numbers of 11 and 22.

These numbers literally represent your soul path and personality type. The way your number is calculated is by using your date of birth.

 This is how to work out your number:

Take your date of birth, for explanation we will use as our example 13th September, 1958 which numerically is represented as 13.09.1958.

Add the numbers together like this 1+3+9+1+9+5+8 = 36.

Then add together the 3+6= 9.

The result of 9 in our example gives the birth number.

Within Numerology if a number comes to either 11 or 22, they are not usually added ‘down’ but left as a master number; however, for the purpose of Magna Intuitum’s predictions for Your Year Ahead and Your Week/Month Ahead, 11 will come under 2, and 22 will come under 4.

Each number has a representational sign.

 Have fun!


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