Your Month Ahead – February 2016!

Your Month Ahead – February 2016!

Unique Prediction of Your Month to Come through the medium of Numerology and Clairvoyance!

How to calculate your birth number is found at the bottom of this webpage.


February for Number 1’s ( Phoenix): As it says in ‘Your year Ahead 2016’, this year is unlikely to be dull or boring for You! February has as its main feature, relationships, whatever personal situation You may be in now. There is a strong tendency towards the negative side of life both in terms of energy and personal Numerological pull. You could either start the new month feeling a bit let down by the person closest to you or actually be torn between two lovers. Whichever, You are emotionally confused, upset and vulnerable. This can either play out during the month in the positive or negative and the only person who has control of the outcome is You! This may sound like a ‘let out clause’, however if You examine your true feelings and realise that You are being perhaps irrational, all will end well.

Numerology key words describing a number 1:

Positive traits – Individuality, Leadership, Pioneer Spirit, Creative, Pioneering.

Negative traits – Dominating, Self Centred, Arrogant



February for Number 2’s (Elf): ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ says that by the end of January you will be looking at ‘The impossible dream’! And so it should be just happening now. You should be the power behind the throne, using your astute abilities in the whole of your life to achieve what you wish for. That having been done, February should reward You with everything that You wish for. As simple and uncomplicated as that!

Numerology key words describing a number 2:

Positive traits – Partnership, Power behind the Throne, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Gentle.

Negative traits – Moody, Over Emotional



February for Number 3’s (Magician): ‘Expression and Joy’ is what ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ Viewed for You and it does not look as though February will disappoint! Of course, we are all Human and it is perfectly possible that You may feel somewhat guilty at the beginning of the new month that things are going too smoothly for You! The energy around You, particularly from the middle of February, is exceptional. You will literally have your world at your feet. If You do not feel that, You will be living in total denial!
Numerology key words describing a number 3:

Positive traits – Communication, Joy of life, Expression, Socially Skillful, Artistic.

Negative traits – Can hide rather than express feelings, Emotional Withdrawal.



February for Number 4’s (Griffin): ‘Your year Ahead 2016’ opens with the phrase ‘Do not allow restrictions to be put on You’. February is potentially the classic example of this. The sun should literally be shining down on you and your life. Everything should be positive in all areas of your life and You will very much shine under the spotlight. Your negative side can encourage self restriction and even bondage and there is a strong energetic swing towards this from the middle of the month. You must fight this tendency and keep your mind open to all the amazing things going on in your world.

Numerology key words describing a number 4:

Positive traits – Hard working, Successful Despite Limitations, Orderly, Efficient, Calm.

Negative traits – Stubborn, Self Restricting.


February for Number 5’s (Star): For Number 5’s, ‘Your year Ahead 2016’ says You have 2 ways to go this year, adventurous or afraid! In February the energy around You is so strongly towards adventure that it should feel like being in an Hollywood movie! You should feel bold and confident in all areas of your life throughout the month to such an extent that You may towards the end of February, take on adversaries or tasks that have been waiting your attention for many a year. Just be aware of fighting a pointless battle!

Numerology key words describing a number 5:

Positive traits – Freedom, Purposeful, Clever, Resourceful, Resilient, Adventurous.

Negative traits – Can be afraid to use freedom, Frustrated by Limitations.



February for Number 6’s (Unicorn): ‘Harmony’ was Viewed to be your core theme in ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ and this is very much how the energy continues around You at the start of February. For those with families, they become the center of attention and those without, it may be that You will soon get one! As the month matures, just be aware of drifting into some sort of malaise. Life still has to go on realistically!

Numerology key words describing a number 6:

Positive traits – Harmonious, Loyal, Reliable, Love, Family Orientated, Honest.

Negative traits – Over responsible, People Pleaser



February for Number 7’s (Angel): ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ Predicts an inward looking year for You and this is energetically the situation at the start of February. You will be encouraged to look at situations with total honesty, but not to take them too seriously, otherwise You could begin to feel isolated and hurt. Courage of your convictions is very much supported as the month progresses and You should very quickly discover ‘The Missing Link’ and let the adventures begin!

Numerology key words describing a number 7:

Positive traits – Psychic, Mystic, Different, Analytical, Intellectual, Intuitive.

Negative traits – Distant, Sarcastic, Moody, Rambling in Speech



February for Number 8’s (Dragon): ‘Balance’ is the key word in ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ and at the start of February, the energy around You is really going to challenge You to get that balance right. It will be very tempting to let the devil within You lead you astray. You could become obsessed with projects and therefore relinquish true control. But, as the month matures, You have regained balance and in the words of an Italian spiritualist ‘The World becomes your Lobster’! Enjoy the freedom.

Numerology key words describing a number 8:

Positive traits – Material Success, Business Minded, Tenacious, Tough, Driven

Negative traits – Too focused on Power and Wealth, Patronising, Undemonstrative




February for Number 9’s (Rainbow): In ‘Your Year Ahead 2016’ You are being encouraged to think of Self. As February begins, this message seems to have really sunk in, as friendships, team spirit and celebrations are very much the core of your life. You will be able to give and receive at the same time. This allows You to have the confidence to take the road that You wish and by the end of the month, you will very much be in the driving seat of your own life!

Numerology key words describing a number 9:

Positive traits – Humanitarian, Generous, Alternative Ideas, Spiritual, Courageous

Negative traits – Over selfless, Dissatisfied if Material Goals Replace Spiritual


Your Year/Month Ahead – How to Calculate Your Birth Number!:

Numerology is as ancient a science as astrology is.

The numbers used within Numerology are from 1 to 9 plus two master numbers of 11 and 22.

These numbers literally represent your soul path and personality type. The way your number is calculated is by using your date of birth.

 This is how to work out your number:

Take your date of birth, for explanation we will use as our example 13th September, 1958 which numerically is represented as 13.09.1958.

Add the numbers together like this 1+3+9+1+9+5+8 = 36.

Then add together the 3+6= 9.

The result of 9 in our example gives the birth number.

Within Numerology if a number comes to either 11 or 22, they are not usually added ‘down’ but left as a master number; however, for the purpose of Magna Intuitum’s predictions for Your Year Ahead and Your Week/Month Ahead, 11 will come under 2, and 22 will come under 4.

Each number has a representational sign.

 Have fun!


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