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Your Month Ahead – October 2016!

Your Month Ahead – October 2016!

Unique Prediction of Your Month to Come through the medium of Numerology and Clairvoyance!

How to calculate your birth number is found at the bottom of this webpage.


October for Number 1′s ( Phoenix): Well if You needed the right energy boost to get You going in October, it will be given You in bucket loads! To start with the energy around You is lighthearted, filling You, if You are open to it, enthusiasm, confidence and exuberance. It is the time to get creative. Go the extra mile in any project, business or personal. It is possible that all this will be topped by being given an important message or bumping into a charming admirer. And things should just keep getting better as the month matures as all that early enthusiasm turns into tangible results. Have a fun month!

Numerology key words describing a number 1:

Positive traits - Individuality, Leadership, Pioneer Spirit, Creative, Pioneering.

Negative traits – Dominating, Self Centred, Arrogant



 October for Number 2′s (Elf): Massively strong energy should surround You all month, but it has to be handled well to make it work for You. To begin with it could encourage stagnation and boredom if You are not aware of it. Like fighting through thick fog, you could be tempted just to sit it out! The solution to countering such energy, could be to take a step backwards in projects to enable a positive move forward. As the month moves on, the fog lifts and the energy becomes rather like a friendly warm blanket around You. Comfort and conforming engulfs your surroundings. However, to make the most of this time, it is important to realise that this energy could be smothering You. Use it as a spring board to bounce up to independence.

Numerology key words describing a number 2:

Positive traits – Partnership, Power behind the Throne, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Gentle.

Negative traits – Moody, Over Emotional



October for Number 3′s (Magician): ‘I Wish, I Wish, I Wish!’ This is the energy around You as October begins – Wishful thinking! If You are not careful, You could be encouraged to try to ‘have your cake and eat it’! Illusions and fantasies should be completely avoided, if You are not to be trapped later. The counter action to this false energy is to create action, have courage and live with the consequences. Given this, the very powerful energy of the latter part of the month will issue in transformations, change and new beginnings. If one door closes for You, another will open. It is possible that the number 13 will be an important part of this time for You.
Numerology key words describing a number 3:

Positive traits – Communication, Joy of life, Expression, Socially Skillful, Artistic.

Negative traits – Can hide rather than express feelings, Emotional Withdrawal.



 October for Number 4′s (Griffin): There is such a contrast of energies around You this month that You could be forgiven for thinking You were in 2 completely different months! To begin with, there is negative energy. You may feel all tied down, boxed in by life and trapped. The temptation is to sit there and await rescue. This has to be countered with letting go of the concepts that hold You, break free using your mind to think on a new level! The second half of the month, flows in a complete energetic shift of power, allowing You to give and take. providing You with a generous spirit, but beware that although You may have the ability, are your actions buying You freedom or submission to someone else’s will?

Numerology key words describing a number 4:

Positive traits – Hard working, Successful Despite Limitations, Orderly, Efficient, Calm.

Negative traits – Stubborn, Self Restricting.


October for Number 5′s (Star): For those in The Southern Hemisphere, Spring is in the air and that is often associated with romance. For 5′s, in either hemisphere, energetically, romance completely dominates your month, if You let it! To begin with it should be encouraging a new or reinforcement of an existing romance. It is a very powerful energy and can allow for a complete bonding and mutual understanding as well as forgiveness and reconciliation. As your month matures, it is possible that romantic overload could occur, encouraging gushing sentiment and dashing off on emotional rescue missions. Beware that there is a balance here, even in the best of times!

Numerology key words describing a number 5:

Positive traits – Freedom, Purposeful, Clever, Resourceful, Resilient, Adventurous.

Negative traits – Can be afraid to use freedom, Frustrated by Limitations.



October for Number 6′s (Unicorn): A very powerful energetic pattern surrounds You this month, all positive and very rewarding personally. To begin with, You are encouraged to go with your own strategies and beliefs and not to accept impositions put on You by others. It is a good time to study at a higher level and to share knowledge that You gain. Later in the month, the energy changes to support your personal growth, giving You extra strength and an ability to face all realities and forgive others for any imperfections. You will be richly rewarded for doing so!

Numerology key words describing a number 6:

Positive traits – Harmonious, Loyal, Reliable, Love, Family Orientated, Honest.

Negative traits – Over responsible, People Pleaser



October for Number 7′s (Angel): This month is dominated by the energy of The Sword, not in the literal sense of a steel weapon, but in the sense of energetic double edge, everything will have 2 sides to it! To begin with, You could be being encouraged not to look at the truth of matters or blocking your own feelings and shutting out people from your life. You may have an urge to show an emotional pretence. But the good news with the energy of the sword that follows You is that it will provide you with the ability to cut through any illusions, establish a clear path and give You the courage to defeat any challenges that the latter half of the month may provide!

Numerology key words describing a number 7:

Positive traits – Psychic, Mystic, Different, Analytical, Intellectual, Intuitive.

Negative traits – Distant, Sarcastic, Moody, Rambling in Speech



October for Number 8′s (Dragon): The energy of the normally very business like Number 8 is completely overwhelmed this month by Love! To begin with, there is an extremely powerful force that could result in a new romance and intimacy or provide the ability to express your deepest feelings in a new and powerful way to someone who already is important in your life. This overwhelming force matures with the month’s progression and allows You to spread your joy of life to others around You. It should be a time of personal celebration and happiness all the way!

Numerology key words describing a number 8:

Positive traits – Material Success, Business Minded, Tenacious, Tough, Driven

Negative traits – Too focused on Power and Wealth, Patronising, Undemonstrative




October for Number 9′s (Rainbow): As the most spiritually courageous of all the signs, Number 9′s are tempted to Give and Give. The energy at the start of October will allow You to find a middle way that provides for harmony and moderation in all your desires so that much can be achieved, without too much cost to personal well being. It is almost like being given an alchemic safety blanket. The energy matures with the month to encourage your natural generosity and providing You with the means to hand out gifts and assistance to those that really need it.

Numerology key words describing a number 9:

Positive traits - Humanitarian, Generous, Alternative Ideas, Spiritual, Courageous

Negative traits – Over selfless, Dissatisfied if Material Goals Replace Spiritual


Your Year/Month Ahead – How to Calculate Your Birth Number!:

Numerology is as ancient a science as astrology is.

The numbers used within Numerology are from 1 to 9 plus two master numbers of 11 and 22.

These numbers literally represent your soul path and personality type. The way your number is calculated is by using your date of birth.

 This is how to work out your number:

Take your date of birth, for explanation we will use as our example 13th September, 1958 which numerically is represented as 13.09.1958.

Add the numbers together like this 1+3+9+1+9+5+8 = 36.

Then add together the 3+6= 9.

The result of 9 in our example gives the birth number.

Within Numerology if a number comes to either 11 or 22, they are not usually added ‘down’ but left as a master number; however, for the purpose of Magna Intuitum’s predictions for Your Year Ahead and Your Week/Month Ahead, 11 will come under 2, and 22 will come under 4.

Each number has a representational sign.

 Have fun!


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    YES, YES, kNOw!

    A FREE Application on your favourite on-line Magazine, MAGNA INTUITUM!

    Simply type your question, any question, in the comments field and you will receive a qualified Yes! or No!; a one word answer, from our team of world class psychics/clairvoyants.

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