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Your Year Ahead – 2011

Your Year Ahead – 2011

Unique Prediction of Your Year Ahead through the medium of Numerology and Clairvoyance
How to calculate your birth  number is found at the bottom of this webpage.

Key words describing a number 1:
Positive traits - Individuality, Leadership, Pioneer Spirit, Creative, Pioneering.
Negative traits – Dominating, Self Centred, Arrogant

Many number 1’s have probably been going through a clearing process within their lives which may not yet be quite over. Therefore although the year 2011 will begin full of burgeoning options and ideas there will initially still be a few old frustrations and worries to work through. If you face these on-going challenges head on the year will brighten like the promise of a beautiful dawn. Conflicts within relationships and work decisions will gradually be left behind leaving you with an exciting clear path ahead. By the time you reach late spring or early summer you will be fully into the new structure that you have created for yourself . As a result of carving this new way the second half of the year (although it has its own challenges) is a much happier and more content time in your life. Relationships and new ventures will flourish – if you have done your homework and taken other peoples opinion and expertise into account!

Sign: ELF
Key words describing a number 2:
Positive traits – Partnership, Power behind the Throne, Diplomatic, Sensitive, Gentle.
Negative traits – Moody, Over Emotional

Generally speaking 2011 is a good year for number 2’s. In January there will be an interesting mix of things coming together and starting well yet a the same time an enormous inner pressure which could be explained by your intuition telling you that you may need to make some minor adjustments in order to stay on track. If you make the adjustments then everything from money to love will flow more easily. If you bury your head in the sand then you are setting yourself up for more work than is necessary. This is a year punctuated by unexpected good news, special relationships, plus the odd windfall which could manifest as money or perhaps lucky opportunities. Although one can not ignore the dark clouds looming in the outer world it does not mean that you should not enjoy the happiness or successes within your own life.

David Beckham * Barak Obama

Key words describing a number 3:
Positive traits – Communication, Joy of life, Expression, Socially Skilful, Artistic.
Negative traits – Can hide rather than express feelings, Emotional Withdrawal.

If you are working your energy as a number 3 in the positive you will be someone who can see magic and mystery even in the darkest corners. This will stand you in good stead as your philosophy in life is probably going to be challenged by something in the earlier part  of the year. However, the whole point of a philosophy is that it should be flexible enough to be enriched and enhanced by challenges – beliefs should never be completely stagnant nor static and yet need to be powerful enough to pull one through difficult or upsetting situations. Challenges are good, necessary in fact if one is going to grow to ones full potential, so don’t see this one as something going wrong because it isn’t. Work though this. 2011 is a year that takes you into a new cycle of interest and adventure. You may find that some circles of friends change and develop unexpectedly. Although number 3’s are not usually money orientated this is a good year in which to establish or re-establish yourself financially.


Key words describing a number 4:
Positive traits – Hard working, Successful Despite Limitations, Orderly, Efficient, Calm.
Negative traits – Stubborn, Self Restricting.

Number 4’s tend to hold tight to their comfort zone – even if they don’t like it! They probably also tend to think everything through at least twice, in increasing detail, before they allow themselves to set anything in motion. This makes it very hard to go with the flow and to experience on-going contentment. For the majority of number 4’s the year 2011 will start strongly and well. There is no reason for this not to continue if you will accept that things are generally ok instead of looking for problems which probably don’t exist until you manifest them. This is relevant in both the personal and working areas of your life. In April/May there could well be a crossroad as regards either career or home-life. Basically change is afoot – so instead of fighting it you could allow yourself to embrace it. From the early summer you may find yourself preparing for a whole new phase which looks to be a good thing. Go on! Let the magic in and enjoy the journey despite the slightly scary rollercoaster moments. Better than being safe but bored after all.

Crystal of the Month = Sodalite
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran * The present Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso

Sign: STAR
Key words describing a number 5:
Positive traits – Freedom, Purposeful, Clever, Resourceful, Resilient, Adventurous.
Negative traits – Can be afraid to use freedom, Frustrated by Limitations.

One of the big fears that number 5’s may have to overcome this year is how the economy is going to affect them. You certainly have the resilience and inner resources to ride any waves so instead of wearing yourself out worrying just trust yourself, the fear is more than likely much worse than the actuality. January could open with a bit of a bang both in terms of love and more material opportunity – as ever don’t try to rush the process. Also remember that the one person who has control over how you feel about anything is you. Watch that the chatter inside your head doesn’t run along negative channels, making everything much more work than need be. Over the course of the first part of 2011 people will keep magically appearing in your life just when you need them. It is also a great year for building on things that you may have already started, but not necessarily an easy time to begin totally new projects. If you decide to create new projects then allow extra time in your plans to pre-empt frustration. As the year progresses you are likely to find that things are coming together and flowing more easily. Follow your dreams instead of your fears and 2011 will be constructive and fulfilling.

Key words describing a number 6:
Positive traits – Harmonious, Loyal, Reliable, Love, Family Orientated, Honest.
Negative traits – Over responsible, People Pleaser

The first couple of weeks of 2011 may not be as you hoped, but don’t worry it is just a slow or even slightly problematic beginning to an overall lovely year. As January progresses you will find yourself back in a more harmonious balance. It is likely that new paths you may already be looking for will open in February/March and after that the sense of waiting for something to happen will no longer be relevant. Of course only you can decide whether to allow the new in. Don’t mix up a harmonious life with staying with your status quo out of fear. Harmony is an inner state of being no matter what is going on in the world. It is ok to be fearful at times so long as you don’t allow it to hold you back. Harmony is not avoidance, it is trusting and listening to your inner voice whilst facing whatever you need to face in order to progress along your life path. Love and money will both turn up in unexpected places or ways particularly in the second half of the year. It’s going to be an interesting one!

Key words describing a number 7:
Positive traits – Psychic, Mystic, Different, Analytical, Intellectual, Intuitive.
Negative traits – Distant, Sarcastic, Moody, Rambling in Speech

2011 is a year of new challenges, mostly happy ones, for you. However you may slightly doubt that during January as initially you appear to be dealing with a certain amount of conflict along with many new plans.  Stop arguing with yourself and just deal with things on a day to day basis – this is a very short phase leading to what could be an incredible year for you. By the time you get to April you will have resolved ongoing questions within your life and will find it easier to live in the present instead of driving yourself mad with those questions. There is no point in trying to resolve things before the timing fits anyway, so trust it.  This may not be the year in which you make your material fortune, but it could certainly be the one in which you create a structure which allows that possibility to blossom.  Many 7’s start life as slightly lazy individuals in terms of the effort they  put in to their work path particularly, if you are passed 35/40 you will find the opposite is true and that you have probably never worked so hard at anything in your life. If you do that then this year will be tremendously rewarding.  Interestingly your sense of reward will be more about personal fulfillment rather than material. That won’t stop you enjoying the prospect of material rewards though!

Key words describing a number 8:
Positive traits – Material Success, Business Minded, Tenacious, Tough, Driven
Negative traits – Too focused on Power and Wealth, Patronising, Undemonstrative 

For the first three months of the year 8’s will be pushing to bring projects on-line. You will be constantly dealing with new ideas and plans, discarding those which you feel irrelevant and focusing on those which can take you where you want to go. You hate pauses, particularly if they are unplanned and out of your control, but go with them as they are merely constructive moments in which to allow an otherwise fast moving process to gel. From the end of March you will find that everything you have worked so hard for has come together and possibly even better than planned. There is also the opportunity for a great deal of physical movement around you this year. This could either manifest as far flung travel or even property moves. Whichever it will suit your sense of adventure.

Noynoy Aquino

Key words describing a number 9:
Positive traits - Humanitarian, Generous, Alternative Ideas, Spiritual, Courageous
Negative traits – Over selfless, Dissatisfied if Material Goals Replace Spiritual

The number 9 path is that of truth and instant Karma. If you do anything which is against the flow of your inner truth there is almost always instant retribution. You may have on occasion shaken your head in wonder at what other people appear to “get away with”. I’ll wager a bet that those people are not 9’s. The good thing is that if you get passed the initial resentment and slightly ‘poor me’ attitude that this can cause you will see that you also get much further along life’s path in the long run. This is because wrong directions are flagged up pretty quickly – so for goodness sake see it as a good thing rather than a battle. Recognise that things others appear to get away with often don’t augur well in the long run. Most frustrations that manifest in 2011 are connected with this explanation because actually for most 9’s this is a year full of attainment. Attainment for a 9 tends to be more spiritual than financial and those that focus on the material become very unbalanced in terms of contentment.  However, there is nothing wrong with wealth at every level and 2011 certainly offers this option to you. An amazing year for those 9’s who listen to their intuition and who let go of that demanding phrase “ought to”. You may even find that by as early as the third week of January this healthy philosophy begins to pay dividends.


Numerology is as ancient a science as astrology. It is worked out by ones date of birth. The numbers are from 1 to 9 plus two master numbers of 11 and 22.  These numbers literally represent ones soul path and personality type.

This is how to work out your number.  Take a date of birth – 13.09.1958.  Add the numbers together like this 1+3+9+1+9+5+8 = 36, then add 3+6= 9. This means that the person’s number is 9. If a number comes to either 11 or 22 then they are not added ‘down’ but left as a master number. However for the purpose of prediction  11 will come under 2 and 22 will come under 4. I have given each number a representational sign. Have fun!

12 Responses to “Your Year Ahead – 2011”

  1. Barbara Cormack Thursday, 2nd June 2011 at 6:43 am #

    You talk about meeting the on-going challenges head-on – and I’ve just realised that I didn’t earlier this year. Now that I am, I’m seeing the changes happen and yes my year is beginning to brighten (well I don’t think it’s a train coming at me through a darkened tunnel :) ). The conflicts are now in the open and yes I’m beginning to work through creating a new life … can’t wait for 2012 now! Thank you.

    • Barbara Cormack Tuesday, 13th December 2011 at 5:41 pm #

      Hi Julie … wow! I’ve just re-read this and it’s so true. Timing maybe a little out, but otherwise this was spot on! Still a few challenges, but the new relationships and new ventures are really coming through. Thank you.

      Looking forward to seeing what next year has to offer.



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