The Next Pope!

The Next Pope!

Following the surprise resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, it is probable that a non-European will be elected to succeed him and particularly, for the first time in history, a cardinal from South America.

 Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, 69, Argentina

With 42 percent of the world’s Catholics in Latin America, the Vatican might opt for a pope from the region for the first time in its history. The Italian-Argentine cardinal boasts both a “transatlantic” appeal and strong credentials from his time serving in the Vatican secretary of state’s office, where he was the third-highest-ranking figure in the Vatican’.

Cardinal Sandri is likely to receive ‘the puff of white smoke’ and become Pope!

Predicted on: 13th February, 2013
Reported on: 13th March, 2013

  • ‘VATICAN CITY — Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope Wednesday, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas and taking the name Pope Francis I’.
  • – New Pope: Cardinal Bergoglio Elected
    Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as the new Pope.
    The 76-year-old, who will be known as Pope Francis, appeared on the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica to cheers from tens of thousands of the faithful gathered below.
  • – Pope Francis elected: Everything you need to know about Jorge Mario Bergoglio 

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