Piggy Banks!

Piggy Banks!

It is February 2016 and the world financial and banking markets are yet again on the verge of a precipice, with banks across Europe, USA and Japan all giving profit warnings. Impartial observers are asking ‘When will they learn the lesson?’ The truth is, is it is not only ‘They’ that have to learn the lesson, but ‘Us’ in ┬ádeveloped nations that have to learn not to base a lifestyle on debt. Just because debt may be freely offered, does not mean it is good to accept it!

Using Insight, we can say that this very difficult love affair with debt driven lifestyles will change. But, because it is a total addiction, ‘We’ will be forced to change, rather than simply decide to change old habits.
This time, some banks and financial institutions will be allowed to go bust. Lifestyles will become more realistic in terms of economics, with less risk being taken on mortgage related debt. This in turn will produce a ‘correction’ in over inflated housing markets. Transportable investments, such as stamps and gold coins will see a rise in popularity.


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