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Reflexology for Life and Sole

Reflexology for Life and Sole


Reflexology, does it work?  The answer to this question is possibly one of those which may only be answered by those who have actually experienced the therapy!  Though, I would argue that the practice could hardly be insignificant; the Chinese felt it important enough to record reflexology in their medical texts from 4000 B.C. and the Egyptians depicted it in wall paintings circa 2330 B.C.  They wanted it remembered.

Dr William Fitzgerald, an Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist coined the term “Zone Therapy” and promoted this in medical papers around early 1900s. He had found that by exerting pressure on toes or finger tips using clamps or elastic bands, he was able to anaesthetise specific areas related to ENT zones to carry out minor surgery. 

During the 1930s Eunice Ingham, a Physical Therapist, developed Zone Therapy further into what it is today – mapping out the body onto the foot and practicing on a large number of patients, analysing and verifying the results to ensure an accurate map of the reflexes.

Eunice and her nephew Dwight Byers took to the road to promote Reflexology using workshops to demonstrate the practice advocate wellbeing through stimulation of reflex points on the feet. 

Today, Reflexology still conjures up a lot of controversy, but in 2008 Dr Nakamara et al using fMRI (a technique that can produce very detailed images of the brain or body using both magnetic and radio waves) was able to show significant activations.  A connection between the specific regions in the brain corresponding to the reflex areas stimulated – eyes, shoulders and small intestines. 


I embarked on my journey into Reflexology through a lot of encouragement from Julie.  Julie has known me for most of my life and assured me from the very start that I would become a healer one day. I was unsure about this initially but nonetheless decided to switch track from the corporate world to practicing reflexology, very much because of Julie and Robert. The seed of change was planted for me when I was in Wales and saw first hand how life could be. The satisfaction of doing something they loved and the passion they had for what they believed in was so refreshing.  Dreams drive motivation and give meaning to life; I was sold. 

Now fully qualified, I seek to build a client base to help me realise my goal of practicing full time and make a real difference to people’s lives. I have worked on countless pairs of feet since starting out and I can confidently say that reflexology continually astounds me with what I can tell from a person’s feet – health, mental and emotional wellbeing! 

The most surprising thing about practicing reflexology is just how much I can perceive about a person from how they might be sitting on the treatment chair, to the feel and texture of their feet – and that is before I have even worked on the reflex points!  In the coming months, I will invite you into my world, with Reflexology case studies that have taken my breath away!


I have certainly seen a number of cases which have really opened my eyes and one of the most exciting cases I have had is working with is a lady, lets call her Sam.   Sam is a healer who works with Body Talk, a powerful medium for those who need their energy systems re-synchronised. 

Session One

My first session with Sam, I do what I usually do – that is take down the history of the individual and what they might want to achieve through reflexology.  Sam hadn’t really specified, so we sought to work through her reflexes to see what we could find.  In my mind, she was going to be a straight forward client where I would simply look at her health and find whatever imbalances there might be.


After the warm up, when I worked on Sam’s head reflex she advised that the point I was working on was tender.  I asked whether she had been suffering from any headaches over the past week to which Sam confirmed that she had.  I then found her body talking to me encouraging me to ask her whether this was Tuesday and Wednesday, again she concurred that this was accurate.  I think we were both amazed at this revelation!  I realised at this point that her body was using me as a channel to speak with her.  On the same day, I learned that each organ had its own unique voice and personality.  Her oesophagus was a grumpy Yorkshire man who had said that he was finding he was overworked because she never chewed her food, whilst her adrenals had a manager who was not confident enough to manage the workers effectively, hence her stress hormones was not efficiently produced which would cause her to feel tired.  Through a couple of session coaching him, he is now a strong leader and her adrenals don’t feel like a battleground. 

Session Two

Sam’s body continued to provide me with the most accurate of information.  In this session, her liver moaned that Sam had suddenly increased her intake of alcohol and her liver felt overworked.  I asked Sam if this were true to which she replied that she had started to drink half a bottle of wine each night over the past few days and acknowledged that she should not continue to do so. 

As the session progressed Sam’s complained of some discomfort on her bladder reflex.  Her bladder had asked her to stop holding onto all her emotions and that she should find someone to talk to.  Sam explained that her bladder probably talks to her the most.  Whenever she goes through any emotional upheaval she finds herself taking more comfort breaks than usual.  

I think the most terrifying moment was when I moved onto Sam’s lymphatic ducts.  I was able to feel that she was going to have a very horrible illness once things start to come right emotionally, the silver lining to this was that she would recover; her body just needed an outlet.  I was actually quite concerned and debated internally whether I should let her know and finally decided it was best to ensure that she was prepared and that there was nothing to be afraid of as she would be ok. 

Session Three

This was perhaps the breakthrough session; Sam’s body wanted to talk about her future.  Working on her lungs, I was able to see a tree grow beautifully, this represented that she would be able to breathe again and that life would be much better than it is today.  Though the more I worked on her left foot, the drowsier I became (the right foot is related to the past whilst the left with the current).  I explained that this might be transference where I was feeling her situation – every step felt as though she was walking in treacle causing her to feel even more fatigued.   This of course would pass as the lungs had indicated. 

Session Four

Her eye points in this session were quite tender and offered some advice, ‘Sometimes what you see isn’t what you think it is and what you hear isn’t necessarily the truth’.  She confirmed that this made sense to her.  As I moved onto the pelvic reflex, her pelvis gave very profound insight to Sam’s belief in herself

‘I cradle life yet you don’t accept me’.  This I was related to her own self-acceptance, Sam agreed to work on her belief system but did confirm that her current personal situation had knocked her self confidence. 

I felt relief with this session.  Sam’s lymphatic ducts communicated that her illness that was to come would not be as severe as it was originally to be.  I conveyed this to Sam and felt her relief. 

This was her final session with me for a little while, but when I next met with Sam for a session, she was able to confirm that the illness did come and pass, which was why I hadn’t heard from her. 

Of course everyone’s experience of reflexology is different as I act as a channel and it will depend upon the individual.   This is only a taster of one of my sessions and I will continue to share with you how my work can progress your path.

  Wendy Jenner 
© 2012 Wendy Jenner 

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2 Responses to “Reflexology for Life and Sole”

  1. Barbara Cormack Monday, 6th February 2012 at 10:55 am #

    Thanks Wendy. I know from my own experience with reflexology (as a client), you can walk away feeling fabulous. Just wish I could find someone locally here, but time will tell. xxx

  2. Naomi Tuesday, 7th February 2012 at 11:55 am #

    Wendy this is simply fascinating and I could listen to the information and techniques of this wonderful skill for hours. Having had a session with yourself I was already sold on the remarkable amount of info and the level of insight a gifted person such as yourself can glean from such a small part of the body. This article is just an amazing example of one persons story through reflexology and I am excited to learn more. X x x

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    Simply type your question, any question, in the comments field and you will receive a qualified Yes! or No!; a one word answer, from our team of world class psychics/clairvoyants.

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