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I have a psychiatrist friend who is very down to earth in his ideas; nothing esoteric or airy fairy for him and the work he does he finds not only fulfilling but he gets excellent results with his patients.


One thing that’s interesting is that, although he doesn’t believe in what he can’t physically feel and see, he’s quite happy to share a piece of fascinating information that he hasn’t understood himself.  Recently he told me about a young man he was treating and that it was a difficult case.  The patient’s mother consulted an astrologer and, without knowing anything at all about the patient, she had drawn up a chart which completely reflected the findings of his psychiatrist.


Another friend, who was present when he was relating this and who is also rather iffy about believing anything mystic, told us about an incident many years earlier when he visited an elderly neighbour in his mother’s apartment block.  This lady was considered to be a bit mad and was pleased to receive a visit from the young man.  She offered him a coffee and when he had drunk it she proceeded to ‘read’ the grounds left in the cup.  She was extremely precise about how, in two hours’ time, he would be receiving a telephone call with an invitation to a party which he must accept.  As his country was at war and the city was under a curfew, that could not possibly happen and he left confirmed in his belief that she was indeed mad.  The phone call leading to a chain of events that changed the course of his life came two hours later.  At other times the lady was unable to see anything in the coffee grounds, either for him or for anyone else, so it only appears to work when getting the message across is of vital importance.  And that’s a common thread.


My colleague Kate’s sobs, as she was pouring out her pain on the discovery of her husband’s infidelity to her best friend, were heard by Paul who was working in the next room.  They had never met before but he diffidently suggested that she consult a lady he knew in a neighbouring town and he offered to accompany her.  Normally Kate would have turned the idea down flat, but she had a feeling she should go and Paul seemed trustworthy.  The lady ‘saw’ the broken marriage and told her the reason for it was that she had recently met her soul mate.  Kate laughed as she told Paul about it after the session.   However, Kate and Paul rapidly became a couple and more than a dozen years later are married and very happy.  Other people have tried in vain to contact the lady but her phone is very rarely answered.  Even Kate and Paul have never been able to reach her again.


I could quote a whole raft of other similar examples but I think you get the idea, so what is going on here?  How is it that casting someone’s astrological chart comes up with the same conclusions as an experienced psychiatrist?  Why do some people receive the most amazing messages from a complete stranger that turn out to be absolutely accurate?  In my experience the recipients are invariably people who have no truck with anything mystic.  So why do others, who would love some guidance or just a reading to confirm they are on the right path, not get an answer?  Either the person they want to consult has disappeared or admits to seeing absolutely nothing with the cards, teacups, numbers; whatever method they use?  Even people who have already received amazing messages are seldom able to repeat the experience; it was apparently just a one-off.


Sometimes we are meant to know things; sometimes it’s even vital to know certain things, sometimes we are at our wit’s end to find a solution to a problem.  These reasons appear to give a better result than simple curiosity such as: when will I meet Mr/Ms Right?  Should I take that new job or stay where I am?  Is this person trustworthy or not?  Will I make a lot of money in the future?


Yes, I can understand the ‘logic’ of that, but what I find absolutely weird, wonderful, exciting is that the world we see as we look out of the window has plenty of surprises in store for us.  Our future is not necessarily mapped out because we don’t have to act on the messages given; we have complete free will.  Millions of words have been written about the energy that surrounds us, the fact that we are all connected, that what we are seeking is out there seeking us, that believing leads to seeing and not the other way round, so it should be easy to understand, but it still makes me marvel when I hear such astonishing and seemingly completely illogical stories.

©2016 Jili Hamilton

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    Simply type your question, any question, in the comments field and you will receive a qualified Yes! or No!; a one word answer, from our team of world class psychics/clairvoyants.

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