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‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ is an on line, interactive weekly subscription magazine that helps ‘make sense of the future’ for You. Uniquely, it also publishes ‘news before it happens’!  The magazine’s small, select team of world-renown pyschics led by Julie Burgess Wells, have a distinguished record in accurate insight. They advise some of the most influential people on the planet.  Whether your interest is in business, politics, sport, science, the world’s financial markets, or of a personal nature, ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ provides information that affects your life. A selection of the astonishing amount of correct predictions is free to view at ‘Published Here First‘.


Not only does ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ provide insight into forthcoming events, giving a useful perspective for informed decision-making, every week, it is packed with information to empower you to make the most of your potential. With stimulating short films, podcasts, articles and courses on subjects ranging from the environment, health, nutrition and ‘alternative’ therapies, to life-coaching and spiritual awareness, ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ gives you the tools to create more success in your life.


And of course, like any self-respecting publication, there are weekly columns, reviews, horoscopes and celebrity interviews. Only these are celebrity interviews with a difference…

As a member/subscriber you will join an inclusive club of influential people who can ask for insight into anything or anybody, using the interactive elements of ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ via:

You can gain deep insight into people and events that concern you. No other publication offers such perception concerning your business or personal life.

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You, your friends, family and colleagues can read ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’ now, with  2 WEEKS FREE MEMBERSHIP.’ No catches! Take this opportunity to read the paper that can positively change your life!

To receive your 2 weeks free subscription offer, simply email your name to Ruth, quoting ‘2 weeks free’ at the following address technicaleditor@magnaintuitum.com.

We hope that you will join us in this journey. Explore the future and your own potential, with us, week by week, by taking this subscription offer to ‘MAGNA INTUITUM’.

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Welcome to the future.

Robert Wells

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