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We Have A Farm in Italy – Chapter 3!

We Have A Farm in Italy – Chapter 3!

I sat on our new, ancient patio in Lazio and asked myself ‘What IS a Farm’?

 Look at the definitions and the subsequent arguments that rage on Internet forums on this subject and you realise that almost anything can be a Farm, as long as it has a grown product and is commercial in some way, from the one million acre ranches in Australia to the quarter acre specialist producer in New York.
And here is ‘The Rub’, the word ‘Commercial’!
My other sister Caroline, is a Farmer in North Island New Zealand and she never stops work from dawn to dusk! Her Lemons and Citrus fruit have made her and her husband, double Gold Medal Marmalade manufacturers. ‘Omahu Valley Citrus’ is on the serious map of farming and even features in The Air New Zealand magazine.
But our old, new patio and I have become very familiar – did I really wish to divorce it at such and early stage to become a Commercial Farmer?
And anyway, we did not rely on an income from Our Land in Italy as our consultancy business, Rainbow Path, was very successful.
There is however an ever haunting desire to be Independent, truly Independent.
Back in April, the thought that Our Asparagus harvest was now being happily munched by sister Lismay was too much to bear. Preparations to leave our very cosy cottage clinging to a sea cliff in West Wales, went into overdrive. It was decided, perhaps rashly, that the best way to get to our new empire was to drive. We posses a very ancient, large red Land Rover
( nicknamed Battle Wagon) and a not quite so ancient tiny white caravan
 ( nicknamed Bobby). The combination ( B&B) makes for a unique motoring image on any modern highway.
Every detail of our mobile adventure to Italy was considered. Food rations from Sardines to Spelt Flour packed in containers in Bobby. Brakes, Oil and other potential mechanical hazards tested on Battle Wagon. Even The French regulation breathalysers stored on board in a shiny green container.
2nd April 2016 and B&B slipped as silently as it is possible for a 26 year old Land Rover to be, from its berth on a Welsh mountain and headed East towards Dover and a new life!
Now we are blessed with a Giant family so it is normal for us to go somewhere via one of them. This time it was the turn of our eldest Wendy and husband in Surrey to receive us en route. As they were in the middle of building a new house, we chose a near by camp site for our first night on the road. B&B motored happily to this destination at a very sedate pace only to be expected of nearly 3 Tons of metal and on-board supplies. The sun shone and there was a real sense of Spring and adventure in the air as we happily swapped stories over dinner in a delightful Surrey pub with daughter and husband.
Campers and particularly me, tend to awake at first light. The next morning preparations for departure were well advanced by the time Julie had woken from slumber deep inside multiple sleeping bags in Bobby. Bobby, despite her size, had a full wet room with loo and shower, kitchen including cooker and fridge as well as dining/living/sleeping area. It therefore was possible to have a perfectly normal and civilised start to the day including ‘Full English’ breakfast washed down with Earl Grey tea. We much enjoyed this culinary splendour in our camp site before preparation for departure.
The next open roads we had decided to negotiated in an almost Toad of Toad Hall fashion, were across the classic countryside into Sussex, to stay with friends near Royal Tunbridge Wells. Woods and hills scattered with Spring flowers criss-crossed by single track roads made for a welcome change to the dull inevitability of motorway driving.
Julie is an expert map reader and happily avoided use of our magnificently new satellite navigation system as we squeezed down a very narrow and extremely steep lane all surrounded by Chestnut trees, only to be met with disaster!
Facing us up the steep hill were 4 ambulances with more lights flashing than Time Square. Directly in front of us was the reason for their arrival. A poor cyclist dressed for a long distance event, had come to considerable grief against the steep bank of the lane. We added to the ensemble of flashing lights, turned off the Land Rover engine and waited and waited….
At this moment, Italy seemed a very long way away!

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  1. elizabeth Thursday, 10th August 2017 at 11:17 am #

    Don’t leave us in the middle of the road Robert, however pretty the morning! We want to get to Italy…


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