Borders, What Borders? 1st published 16th Jan 2015.

Borders, What Borders? 1st published 16th Jan 2015.

In The European Union, one of the governing principles of the treaty is that there is freedom of movement for all its citizens across national borders. People have become very use to driving from one side of mainland Europe to the other, without having to stop at any border controls. Often the first indication that one has moved into a different country, is the change of language on road signs!

This freedom of movement has many advantages from the perspective of free trade and labour flexibility, but recent terrorist outrages will for some politicians, demonstrate the downside of this principle.
There will be mounting pressure on governments within The EU to reintroduce border controls, particularly where there are large volumes of daily movement of people from country to country.
There will be a great reluctance to reintroduce controls again at borders, however, the need to deter potential terrorists will result in a far greater vigilance and surveillance of people crossing national boundaries. This will include some return to border crossing controls.


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